Retirement Planning

Sometimes our clients come to us with a very specfic goal and do not have the time or desire to put in the effort to review their entire financial situation, so we work on one topic at a time.  The most common topic involves planning for their retirement.

Retirement planning ideally starts in shortly after college.  Luckily, Millennials are doing a better job at starting to save at a younger age than previous generations.  Many don't have questions outside of balancing debt reduction and saving for retirement, so we look at the options inside their employer sponsored retirement plans, help them establish a proper asset allocation and figure out how much they can afford to save and still afford to live.

Mid-career professionals often seek us out to see if they are on track.  They may be close to or no longer have the financial responsibilities from child rearing.  Mid-career persons often want to know if they are on track and how much of the college tuition they have been saving towards or paying can go towards fun and how much should be saved.

Sometimes we don't have much time to work through a retirement plan.  Maybe health issues or downsizing has caught you off guard and you need to know if you should be looking for another job or if you have saved enough.  Occassionally, it is simply the fear of finding out that has stopped you from reviewing your personal situation.

Wherever you are in life, now is a great time to take a couple hours and review your retirement goals.